Ovation Ratings
Three sets of hands (excels) from Jim D
Three sets of hands (excels) from Mike
Comment/Personal Review
I have a medical condition with the scar tissue in my back, Eugene helps me out with my condition well. Before I started having him come to help me out every two weeks, I was on several pain medications for my problem. Now I only have to take my medications occasionally Compared to several times a day.Once you are a regular customer of his you get even better scheduling and he does even more to help you out.Before using Eugene I had gone to many different places and and tried several other guys but his is the best one out there, He really does care about your well-being and give 120% all the time. You really need to see for yourself,He is Great. Jim - Jim D
One of the best massages that I ever had. He did not rush and asked what areas that he should concentrate on. It was a very good and a very relaxing experience. - Mike